Grand Arena Championship Rewards

Posted on 8 November 2019 | 12:31 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

I saw some questions on the round rewards for this Grand Arena Championship. As with past Grand Arenas, Grand Arenas that contain a ship combat node have a different round rewards, specifically they contain Ship Omegas instead of Zeta Materials. That said, we are re-evaluating rewards for this mode regularly and are currently assessing if/what changes we may make to future Grand Arena Championships.

Lifted Restrictions on Geonosian Territory Battle and the Acklay

Posted on 7 November 2019 | 12:20 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

With phase 2 of Separatist Might coming up, I wanted to answer a frequently asked question about the Acklay battle. That is, if Geonosian Brood Alpha is still the only unit with the Beast Warden ability that can remove the Acklay’s enrage.

The answer is yes, you will need GBA in your squad if you wish to use the Beast Warden ability and calm down the Acklay. GBA does not need to be in the leader slot, but does need to be present. The ability was not given to any other units, so while you are able to use any dark side unit in the Acklay battle (for this run of the Territory Battle) it may be insurmountable if you do not have Geonosian Brood Alpha in your squad.

Now There Are Two of Them! Summoning Unit Details

Posted on 6 November 2019 | 10:10 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

With the upcoming release of ARC Trooper, we will have 2 characters in the game that can summon an additional unit at the start of an encounter and you are probably wondering what happens if you take both of them into combat. Most of the time, it wouldn’t be particularly useful to have ARC Trooper and Geonosian Brood Alpha on the same team but let’s examine what happens in this situation for future cases.

First, there’s a couple rules we should cover.

  • There is only one slot for summoning units regardless of the size of your squad
  • There is a definitive order in which these units will be summoned. - The unit at the top of the order will be summoned and the others will not
  • ARC Trooper’s Blaster Turret is at the top of this list and has priority over summoning the Geonosian Brute
This means even if you bring a 4 man squad containing both ARC Trooper and GBA into battle, it will only result in 1 summoned unit, the ARC’s Blaster Turret, at the start of the encounter. For the moment, we choose to prioritize ARC trooper over Brood Alpha because the trooper’s kit is more dependent on the summoned turret to be effective. Geonosian Brood Alpha can hold his own fairly effectively without his Brute, though the Brute certainly helps.

As we release more characters and ships that use the mechanic, we are working on a longer term solution and we will continue to refine and develop summoning tech. Right now, it doesn’t make strategic sense to have these characters on the same team so it’s unlikely to be an issue. That said, in the future we are looking into how we give you the choice or some agency over which unit will be summoned at the start of an encounter.

Thanks for reading and see you on the Holotables!

Issues With Adjusting Time Settings

Posted on 3 November 2019 | 8:13 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We've seen reports of players having issues when changing their activity times in the Time Settings menu. We are investigating what could be causing this behavior and will update you when we have more details on Monday.

Updates on Current Issues

Posted on 1 November 2019 | 11:57 pm by CG_TopHat

Hello Holotable Heroes,

It’s been a busy week and wanted to reach out to give a few updates:

  1. We’re starting to finalize testing on the Starforge Showdown. The event has been tentatively rescheduled to run next week from 11/8 through 11/10. We’ll keep you updated if that date changes again.
  2. Chewbacca is currently bugged and doing more assists than he should be. We’ll be rolling out a fix for him next week.
  3. We had an omission from our most recent patch notes. We’ve changed when the roster lock occurs for both TW and GAC matchmaking. Previously, your roster did not have a snapshot of your collection taken until the moment matchmaking had begun. This resulted in some players rosters being updated after the moment matchmaking by the nature of the system going through and taking snapshots of everyone’s roster. Now, when you click the Join button your roster is snapped. For TW, if you exit, you are removed from matchmaking consideration. When you rejoin, your roster is snapped again at that moment. Apologies for the omission.

See you on the holotables.


Connection Issues 11/01/2019

Posted on 1 November 2019 | 7:39 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We are aware there are some connection issues related to the start of Territory Wars. We are investigating and will update you shortly.

REMINDER: Developer Q&A Today @ 12:30pm Pacific

Posted on 1 November 2019 | 5:55 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Just a quick reminder that we will doing a live Q&A today. You can submit us questions beforehand or respond to the thread during the Q&A and we will get through as many questions as we can. Click the link below to submit your question and include your forum name if you wish to be credited.

Update on Darth Malak Events 10/31

Posted on 1 November 2019 | 12:42 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We are still working through the Star Forge Showdown issues. We should have an update tomorrow with more details and when the event will return.

Chewbacca's Unique Loyal Friend assisting too many times

Posted on 31 October 2019 | 6:07 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We are aware of this issue where Chewbacca's Unique Loyal Friend and is assisting too many times. The team is currently investigating the bug and we will let you know more when we have identified the fix.

Updates coming to Grand Arena Championships!

Posted on 31 October 2019 | 12:08 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes!

The second Grand Arena Championship is winding down, so I want to take a moment to preview the next notable change for this type of event. With the Championship starting November 7th, there will be a new twist on Grand Arena Championships.

One of the things we wanted to do with these Championships is to apply a theme to them, and this is usually done around the Feats that occur throughout the event. The exhibition championship, the launch championship, and the one that is just finishing up were themed around the Clone Wars with feats that featured the Galactic Republic, Clones, Separatists and General Grievous in various fashions. For this next one we will be focusing on a specific faction: the First Order.

With the theme of the First Order comes some new and interesting feats to challenge you. While many feats are repeating from earlier championships, quite a few are brand new and will ask you to do things to earn those points in new and interesting ways. Feats like “Advantage: First Order” where you need to gain Advantage in Grand Arena 50 times. There’s also a feat for using three First Order military troopers (basically anyone who isn’t Kylo Ren), as well one for using Phasma and First Order Executioner in a squad together. There’s even a feat called “FN-2187” which asks you to pair a First Order Stormtrooper with the traitorous ex-Stormtrooper Finn and win a battle in the Grand Arena.

That’s not all, we’ve even got feats for gaining Fleet Arena victory with both First Order TIE fighters (the normal and the Special Forces variant), as well as winning with Kylo’s TIE Silencer and different feat for winning with his Command Shuttle.

Finally, we’re making a small change to the way the layout works. We’ve added a single ship zone to the Grand Arena maps to spice things up. With more people unlocking the Negotiator, and the Y-wing and Hyena bombers hitting the game, we can finally start to include more ship content into the Grand Arena so that you are not facing the same squadrons over and over. We have further plans along these lines for the next iteration of Grand Arena Championships, so don’t get too used to any particular Grand Arena set up. What we can say is that we have no plans to shift the maps within a single Championship. All four Grand Arenas will use the same maps, so you will have had plenty of opportunities to see what works and what doesn’t.

We look forward to changing up Grand Arena Championships more and more as the feature grows and as your roster unlocks more strategic options. Good luck in your battles!

Connection Issues 10/30/2019

Posted on 30 October 2019 | 11:46 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

The game experienced some connection issues and lag as we scaled up for today's update. These should be resolved in the next few minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Developer Insights: Hyena Bomber

Posted on 30 October 2019 | 10:27 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Cough Cough Holotable Heroes,

We have two exciting ships releasing this week, BTL-B Y-wing and the Hyena Bomber! Both ships are designed to be front line tanks that can take several hits and will open up a variety of new squadrons in Fleet Battles. Read on as our ship designers CG_Mandellorian and CG_BScheel explain to me why these ships are a must-have for your fleet.

Q: Why should I unlock this ship?

  • CG_B: The Hyena bomber is a really hefty tank if you need a ship to protect the rest of your fleet, but its biggest advantage is that it can ignore taunt. It’s the 2nd crewless ship in the game, which means you can unlock it without worrying about crew and it synergizes very well with Vulture droids… and who knows, maybe we will see a few more of those flying around in the future ;)

Q: What is the ideal Capital Ship for Hyena Bomber?
  • CG_B: REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED but in the meantime we would recommend Home One or Chimera. Both of these capital ships work well with other Separatist ships like the Geonosians.

Q: Why add another Separatist ship without a full fleet for them to be a part of?
  • CG_B: We have to start somewhere! In order to have a Separatist fleet one day, we need to start releasing some ships for their factions and give them a solid identity in battle. This is also an opportunity to expand the Separatist fleet to be more useful in Geonosian Territory Battle ship missions. At the moment, the Galactic Republic faction has a ton of ships already available in the game and we want to add more unique enemies for the light side version of Geonosis Territory Battles when it appears.

Q: What’s the Hyena Bomber’s role in Fleet Battles?
  • CG_B: At the moment, players have fairly limited choices in Fleet battles when it comes to certain combat roles, particularly for roles like heavy tanks (Hound's Tooth). Our goal with Hyena Bomber (and BTL-B Y-wing) is to enable a variety of well-rounded fleets for the modes where you need more than one strong fleet. When supported with the right mix of ships, the Hyena Bomber can keep its allies alive while smashing through the vulnerable ships in the enemy fleet.

Q: Were there specific scenes or moments that you were trying to capture with the Hyena Bomber’s kit?
  • CG_B: The Hyena Bomber is part of a collective of droids, including the Vulture Droid, that coordinate their attacks through a shared network link. They should work together as one and benefit greatly from gathering more and more of them together. I designed the abilities like Chatter and Photoreceptors to reflect this swarming, mechanical nature.

Q: How does this ship feel to command in battle?
  • CG_B: Hyena Bomber is very good in a starting lineup due to its frequent taunting and Critical Hit immunity. It feels more powerful than Hound’s Tooth when paired with Separatist and Droid ships (don’t forget about IG-2000!). Like other Vulture Droid, Hyena Bomber can inflict Buzz Droids that can slowly cripple the enemy fleet over time. It can also finish off weakened attackers by ignoring Taunt. You can combo the ability to ignore Taunt with the Vulture Droid’s built-in chance to assist and punch through the Buzz Droid infested enemy fleet.

Developer Insights: BTL-B Y-wing

Posted on 30 October 2019 | 10:26 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are discussing the BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter, with the designer, CG_Mandellorian! This prominent clone wars-era bomber can punch above its weight class when paired with a Galactic Republic fleet. You can also check out the Hyena Bomber if you prefer the cold, metal Separatist ways instead.

Q: Why should I unlock this ship?

  • CG_M: This ship is a heavy tank that gets extra Protection from Galactic Republic allies, including those in Reinforcements. It’s clearly a great fit for any Galactic Republic fleet in need of some survivability and wants to use their Hound’s Tooth in another fleet. It may look like it only has average stats for a tank but it can have over 150k Protection in a fleet made up of all Galactic Republic ships. It’s going to take a while to chew through those shields and you will still have to deal with the constant healing from its allies being critically hit.

Q: Why is this ship crewless?
  • CG_M: Unlike the droid ships which really don’t have a separate pilot, the BTL-B Y-wing would normally have had a pilot but we ended up not including crew. There was a long discussion on whether we should include an older, well owned clone. In the end, we decided to make it easier to unlock by not requiring crew members from your collection.

Q: What is the ideal capital ship for BTL-B Y-wing?
  • CG_M: Negotiator is the best choice, but Endurance can also provide Valor which helps boost the Y-wing’s damage. The ship is designed to fit into a Galactic Republic fleet and really shores up some of the team’s weak points. It matches the survivability of Hound’s Tooth but also provide the Galactic Republic faction with something extra.

Q: What fleet should I include the BTL-B Y-wing in?
  • CG_M: A full Galactic Republic team is key for the increased survivability of the BTL-B Y-wing. I’d recommend a starting line up Anakin’s ETA-2, BTL-B Y-wing and the Umbaran Starfighter with as many Galactic Republic Reinforcements as possible. Ahsoka is a great inclusion in this team, she hits like a Ronto and can provide the team a dispel.

    OK, I need to tell you about something: Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter (Blade of Dorin) is super good as a reinforcement and very few people are using him!!! He’s a hidden gem in fleet battles with a full team dispel, great health and protection recovery, plus he gives turn meter to the whole fleet.

Q: What role does the BTL-B Y-wing cover for a Galactic Republic team?
  • CG_M: Galactic Republic fleets were in need of a big, tanky ship to absorb incoming fire while its allies dish out the damage. It’s definitely a front line ship and adds more variety to the tank role in fleets.

    In general, we are using bombers as tanks in fleet battles with their heavy armor, slow speed and big threats.

Q: How does this ship feel to command in battle?
  • CG_M: BTL-B Y-wing hits pretty hard for a tank and its Special hits your target and the weakest enemy. The Special ability, Torpedoes Away!, also dispels both targets and can be really useful to get around taunt. When defeated, the Y-wing gives allies 30% counter chance, which can really help the Galactic Republic fleet deal enough damage to bring down the enemy.

Galactic Chase: Hyena Bomber

Posted on 29 October 2019 | 9:01 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

The Separatists have built a heavily armored bomber to assist their faction’s fleet battles. The Hyena Bomber is effective at protecting Vulture Droid allies and absorbing an incredible amount of fire power depending on how many Separatist and Droid allies are present but this droid controlled bomber is not just a tank. It can also launch salvos of Buzz Droids at the enemy to weaken their armor and provide allied Separatist ships powerful advantages. Learn more about this ship's new kit and earn shards of the Hyena Bomber in the upcoming Galactic Chase later this week!

Hyena Bomber blueprints will be available as bonus rewards on all Cantina nodes for a limited time! Head over to the Cantina holotable starting on November 1st and earn blueprints for this robust Separatist tank!

EDIT: Date changed to Nov 1st

Event Calendar - November

Posted on 28 October 2019 | 11:59 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for November.

Daily Login Character for November: Royal Guard


Submit Your Questions for Developer Q&A 11/01

Posted on 28 October 2019 | 5:53 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We're collecting questions for the November Developer Q&A and will be answering your inquires live on 11/01 from 12:30-1:30pm PT (19:30-20:30 UTC) in the General Discussion Section of the Forums. You can find previous Q&As in the archive here

What: Developer Q&A with the SWGOH Dev Team
When: Friday 11/01 at 12:30pm-1:30pm Pacific
Where: General Discussion Section of the Official Forums

  • CG_Tophat - Live Producer
  • CG_SvenGG - Sr. Game Designer
  • CG_Vyeking - Creative Director
  • CG_Cyanides - Data Analyst/Lead Product Manager
  • CG_SBCrumb - Sr. Community Manager

You can submit questions beforehand or respond to the thread during the Q&A and we will get through as many questions as we can. Click the link below to submit your question and include your forum name if you wish to be credited! See you Friday!

Click the link to submit your questions >> SurveyMonkey

Star Forge Showdown Continued Issues

Posted on 25 October 2019 | 10:19 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

I have some unfortunate news, there are a particular set of circumstances where it's possible to get additional Malak shards in this event that we did not catch. We are pulling down the event once again and monitoring the impact. I'll update this thread as soon as I have more information.


Disappearing Buttons Update

Posted on 25 October 2019 | 6:58 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We saw an increase in players reporting buttons disappearing during battle with the start of the current Territory Battle. Our previous "band aid" did not work as well as we had hoped (only restoring around 15% of locks), but thanks to the extra logging we recently added, we believe we have isolated the main culprit: a specific interaction with characters who generate additional turns or attacks that are queued up right before an encounter ends. Characters like Count Dooku are particularly prone to triggering this problem and we are investigating if we can make some temporary changes that reduces the need to use them in battle.

Fixing this issue continues to be a top priority and a daily focus for the team. We are working on a tentative fix for what we have identified as the primary issue, but the combat system is extremely complex and there may be other interactions we have yet to identify that are causing similar behavior. As much as we want to deploy a fix immediately, we are likely going to need 4-6 more weeks to address this problem. We know this bug can be incredibly frustrating to experience, particularly in the events that cause you to lose a critical team for the rest of the event. In the short term, we’re going to be changing some of the requirements of the next Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle to remove some of the problematic characters. Those requirements will be reinstated once the fix is live.

This issue has turned out to be difficult for us to pin down an exact cause and has been in the game for much longer than we would like. We apologize for the disruption it has caused you and thank you for your understanding while we work to solve this issue. We will update you as soon as we have additional information on the fix. You can find updates on issues (including this one) on the SWGoH Developer Tracker.

Quick Update on the Star Forge Showdown

Posted on 24 October 2019 | 12:53 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We posted last night that we needed to delay the release to Thursday due to some additional issues but I wanted to give you an update on the status today. We are still on track for tomorrow's release. You can find the details in the previous post here and our original post on the issue here. We will let you know tomorrow when we have an exact time for the update.

SWGoH 4th Anniversary Suggestion Box

Posted on 23 October 2019 | 10:22 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

The 4th Anniversary of Galaxy of Heroes is fast approaching and we've got some exciting plans that we can't wait to share. We want to do something special this year and we are gathering ideas for some of our celebration gifts.

Got a great idea for a title or portrait? It is our 4th Birthday so we'd like to know what are your favorite moments and characters from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope!

Click here for a link to the suggestion box

Update on Darth Malak Reconciliation Plan

Posted on 22 October 2019 | 9:16 pm by CG_TopHat

Hello Holotable Heroes,

We’re letting you know we need to delay the Darth Malak rollback that we originally had planned for today. The rollback is a complicated procedure and we need more time for testing. We’re angling to roll it out tomorrow (10/23/2019) around 10:30 AM PST, but we’ll keep you updated if things change.

We also wanted to let you know that we’ve reconsidered our position regarding the Darth Malak make good. We recognize that there are a number of players that had no idea that the event was giving out duplicate shards based on the messaging live in the game. We can’t preserve the additional shards/promotions as we described earlier. However, we also recognize that many players have now grown accustomed to having their Darth Malak promoted or unlocked. We would like to expand our current offerings to the following:

  1. All players will receive 500 crystals, up from 250.
  2. Players that did not have 7* Darth Malak as of 10/18 12:01 AM PST and are having shards/progress removed, will now receive 5000 GET I and 2 Zeta materials for the progress being removed.
  3. Players that had 7* Darth Malak as of 10/18 12:01 AM PST will receive the previously detailed rewards of Shard Shop Currency.

See you on the holotables,


Darth Malak Reconciliation Plan

Posted on 19 October 2019 | 12:35 am by CG_TopHat

Hello Holotable Heroes,

Today, we had a bug occur where players that previously completed the Starforge Showdown event were able to receive the rewards of the event a second time. This was an unintended consequence of a recent change to the store system. Unfortunately, we cannot allow these shards to remain in system without undercutting GET and those who previously earned Malak without the bug.

What we’re going to do to correct our mistake is roll back any character star promotions and changes to the state Darth Malak was at 10/18/2019 12:01 AM PDT, for any players that received the extra shards. Any gear, relics, etc that was applied to Darth Malak will be returned to their inventory. We will be rolling back the affected Darth Malaks on 10/22/2019. On 10/21/2019 we will be removing Darth Malak from GET store to help get an accurate snapshot of the state of Darth Malaks with the extra shards. Darth Malak will return to the GET store on 10/22/2019.

Some players received extra shards that already owned Darth Malak at 7*. To reconcile this difference, we will be granting all players that owned Darth Malak at 7* on 10/18/2019 12:01 AM PDT, some Shard Shop Currency. Players that did not receive additional shards will receive 2250 Shard Shop Currency. Players that received only one tier of additional shards will receive 1125. Players that received two tiers of additional shards will not receive any additional currency.

Finally, all players will be receiving 250 crystals for this inconvenience. Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience and confusion around this issue. We’re investigating the processes we have in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We will be rescheduling the Starforge Showdown event shortly and will let players know when it will return.

See you on the holotables,


Extra Shards from the Starforge Showdown

Posted on 18 October 2019 | 3:14 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We are aware of the issue where Darth Malak's event, Starforge Showdow, is still giving out shards when completing the event a second time. Do not use this bug in the meantime. We will be removing these extra shards from accounts and the event with a hotfix. We will let you know when this will occur as soon as possible.

Grand Arena Roster Lock Bug

Posted on 11 October 2019 | 11:36 pm by CG_TopHat

Hi Holotable Heroes,

About a month ago, we received several reports that some players were able to add zetas and relics after the lock in Grand Arena. In investigating those instances, we found that it is possible to delay the roster lock mechanism. Currently, a player's roster is locked when they log in to the game (that means starting the game and seeing the loading screen) or when they visit the Grand Arena landing page after the preview phase has expired. This is currently driven by your device communicating with our servers, and, in certain circumstances, allows relics, zetas, or new units show up after the period that should be "roster locked". We are working on a fix that will move the roster lock to be when the player joins the event, locking whatever players had set at that moment.

We've discovered the root cause of this issue and are working on a fix. Our hope is to roll this fix out in the next two weeks. We did not alert the community about it earlier, for fear that it would cause a spike in the behavior. Some players, with the introduction of GAS, have exposed the issue and we're letting you know that we a) know about the issue and b) have been working on a fix. We posted this issue to the Dev Tracker if you want to monitor its status.


Dev Tracker Update 10/11/2019

Posted on 11 October 2019 | 6:49 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

I have updated the Galaxy of Heroes Developer Tracker today. Here's a short breakdown of what changed:

  • Moved fixed issues that were addressed in this week title update to Resolved
  • Added several new top issues from the last week
  • Now including monthly calendar in News column
  • Added links to Update notes from recent releases

We are still monitoring for performance issues. We seem to have captured the majority of lag issues but still seeing some reports of low client performance

Reminder: This does not cover every bug and issue in the game. Please head over to AnswersHQ if you are experiencing issues not listed here to see if it has already been reported.

Developer Insights: General Skywalker

Posted on 9 October 2019 | 8:26 pm by CG_SBCrumb


Hi Holotable Heroes,

This week I’m incredibly excited to talk with the designers of General Skywalker and how they went about creating this iconic character from the Star Wars universe. With me today is, CG_ParkingInstructor, CG_Prototype and CG_Prophet to discuss why they added this character now and what inspired his one-of-a-kind kit.

Q: What makes General Skywalker special? Does he have any unique mechanics?
CG_Prophet: Absolutely, Anakin Skywalker has been many things over the years; pod racer, droid builder, Jedi Padawan and even a legendary pilot, and now he's coming to Galaxy of Heroes this week as General of the 501st! I’m super excited for him to finally come to the game.

CG_ParkingInstructor: General Skywalker is unlike any other character players can get their hands in the game right now. He is an absolute boss, as he should be, and by that I mean he actually feels like playing a raid boss character in Galaxy of Heroes. He takes 2 actions per turn (like a raid boss) with his linked abilities (more on that later) and depending on which Special you use first, Skywalker will apply a different effect on his second attack.

CG_Prototype: He has quite the arsenal of attacks but it really depends on which ability you use first. For example, if you use his Basic attack, it will trigger a Special ability (Telekinesis) for his second attack and that’s a completely different attack than either Special 1 or 2.

CG_ParkingInstructor: But even besides the 2 actions per turn, his Leader ability has a very unique mechanic with Advance and Cover. General Skywalker reactively changes his state in battle, and you will see him change stances to clearly show what he is doing. We wanted Advance and Cover to feel like a transition between phases of a Raid Battle where you had to adjust your tactics significantly. This is a big first for the game and really sets him apart from the other characters we have created.

Q: How does “use 2 abilities per turn” mechanic work in the game? Do you select abilities twice?
CG_Prophet: No, the player will choose the first ability General Skywalker uses, then trigger a 2nd ability that is linked to the first if able. There are some circumstances where Skywalker is Ability Blocked and will use his Basic attack instead. For example, Special 1 can deal double damage if used first as opposed to Special 2 being used first, which will result in a critical hit if possible.

Q: Can you explain how Advance and Cover works?
CG_ParkingInstructor: General Skywalker really comes alive when you put him in the leader slot, which enables his “General of the 501st” Leader ability. Skywalker will Advance while he has Protection. While Advancing, General Skywalker’s 501st allies cannot lose health, but once his Protection is depleted, he goes into Cover. While in Cover, his allies can lose Health and you can try to defeat them before he goes on the offensive again.

CG_Prototype: Skywalker recovers 10% Protection per turn (on anyone’s turn, not just his own) and once at full Protection, he will switch back to Advance and start the cycle again.

Q: So wait, how do you defeat him?!?!?
CG_ParkingInstructor: After you defeat all of General Skywalker’s allies, the fight moves into the final phase where he gains a ton of turn meter at the end of every enemy’s turn. This is the time he’s vulnerable to being defeated, but you’ll have to race to take him out before he takes a bunch more turns. I hope you saved some of your strongest abilities for the end of the fight!

Q: How does the new keyword “Remove” come into play with the Advance and Cover mechanics?
CG_ParkingInstructor: We’ve used dispel in the past for characters that need to remove debuffs but General Skywalker has the special keyword, Remove. This will remove all status effects, including un-dispellable effects. This was necessary for the mechanics of General Skywalker’s kit and given the legendary nature of General Skywalker’s abilities, we felt it made sense in this rare case but this is not something we plan to use in future character kits.

Q: What’s his role in battle?
CG_ParkingInstructor: Besides being a Leader, he serves as a tank and attacker for the Clones. This really pulls the 501st squad together and allows them the time to dish out a ton of damage while being protected by General Skywalker. He also hits hard himself and disrupts the enemy with a host of negative effects that his allies can take advantage of. If you’ve seen the show, it made complete sense for General Skywalker to always be on the front line and fighting side by side with his squad.

Q: Which modes do we expect General Skywalker to be the most effective in?
CG_Prototype: Skywalker is an incredibly talented Jedi and excels at pretty much everything he puts his energy towards, so it makes thematic sense that he can do well in just about any mode. He can lead a very good arena team, he can deal solid damage in a raid, or fill in as a top squad in Grand Arena and Territory Wars.

Q: What squad do you recommend to support General Skywalker?
CG_Prophet: The ideal team is entirely 501st as he gets a big bonus to his kit if all allies are 501st. If you don’t have all of them ready to go, you can add another Jedi that works particularly well with Clone Troopers: Shaak Ti. You’re going to need Ahsoka Tano since she has the 501st tag and is needed for a full 501st squad at this time.

CG_Prototype: We are also releasing the 501st ARC Trooper in the future to help fill out this squad. Once you have unlocked him, your Padme’ team can have Ahsoka back.

Q: Why did we make another Anakin instead of reworking the one already in the game?
CG_Prophet: The current Jedi Knight Anakin is from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and is more representative of Anakin from the prequel movies. We wanted to dive into the 501st storyline from the Clone Wars TV show and show Anakin as a masterful general of the Galactic Republic army.

CG_ParkingInstructor: We also wanted to explore new mechanics with such an iconic character and Jedi Knight Anakin already has a solid identity in the game. It didn’t make sense to mess with the Anakin that is working well and leave an empty space in the Padme squad

CG_Prototype: This Anakin would have been worthy of the rank of master…

Q: Were there specific scenes or moments were you trying to capture with his kit?
CG_ParkingInstructor: For the theme of the kit, we relied heavily on the Battle for Umbara arc. There’s a really good early scene where he’s leading his men and you get to see him fight alongside the 501st. This happens throughout the series, but “Darkness on Umbara” is the episode I went to for establishing his character. For his ability animations, we pulled Lightsaber and Force techniques from a variety of battle scenes throughout the series.

Q: Where does the story in the event come from?
CG_Prophet: The event itself comes from the Clone Wars episode, “ARC Troopers”. We wanted to capture General Skywalker leading the 501st into battle and dueling with Asajj. We had to take some artistic liberties and added in a few more characters who weren’t there in the show but it makes for a more compelling event. In general, the whole event is loosely based on that episode and lets you play through the events of the show. This is alluded to by Shar when he introduces the event for the first time.

CG_Prototype: The event panel art has Anakin dueling Asajj Ventress, which is pulled from this episode.

CG_Prophet: I wanted to showcase Anakin’s skills as a pilot and duelist, but this is also the episode where Echo and Fives become ARC troopers. This is a big moment for them in the show and also when they receive the Phase II armor that our in-game models have.

Clone Clash on Kamino

Posted on 7 October 2019 | 10:35 pm by CG_SBCrumb


Hi Holotable Heroes,

Starting October 11th, relive the Clone Wars and earn shards of General Skywalker in the all-new Epic Confrontation, Clash on Kamino.

Take to the skies and battle the Separatist fleet as they attempt to distract General Skywalker from the invasion of Kamino. Once the space battle has concluded, head to Tipoca City to assist General Kenobi in his fight against General Grievous and the droid army. Then, join General Skywalker in taking on a familiar foe before finally allying yourself with the Separatists and dealing with one last obstacle to the mission: General Skywalker and his 501st clones.

At least level 85 to see the event
Tier 1:
  • Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter (7*, 40,000 GP)
  • Galactic Republic Capital Ship (7*, 40,000 GP)
  • At least 3 other Galactic Republic Ships (7*, 40,000 GP)

Tier 2:
  • Ahsoka Tano (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • C-3PO (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • General Kenobi (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • Padmé Amidala (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • Shaak Ti (7*, 17,700 GP)

Tier 3:
  • All units needed are temporarily given to you for the battle

Tier 4:
  • Asajj Ventress (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • B1 Battle Droid (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • B2 Super Battle Droid (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • Droideka (7*, 17,700 GP)
  • IG-100 MagnaGuard (7*, 17,700 GP)

Stay tuned to the forums this week for information on General Skywalker’s kit!

Tentative Title Update Next Week

Posted on 3 October 2019 | 10:45 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Next week we are planning to launch a client update to address some of the technical issues from the Relics Update. If you have been following the Dev Tracker, many of the bugs require a client update to fix and we need to do a full release to address them. Tentatively, we will start rolling out the update on 10/8 which means you can go to your app store to manually download the update once its available in your region or wait for the forced client update on 10/9. Complete notes will be posted when the update goes live but here’s a list of potential fixes for next week.


  • [PERFORMANCE] - Reduced the UI lag of ~1-3 sec that appeared after the Title Update
  • [PERFORMANCE] - Fixed an issue on Android where the game would lag when scrolling through the character inventory
  • [PERFORMANCE] - Addressed a "low memory" client crash can occur on lower end devices. This affected both Android and iOS devices
  • [UI] - Fixed an issue that caused an infinite loading screen when linking from different game areas to the guild activities menu
  • [UI] - Fixed an issue that was causing the Character UI elements to overlap each other in certain scenarios
  • [UI] - Prevented the Scavenger animation from playing twice
  • [UI] - Fixed an issue that caused favorite badges to appear grayed out on characters that are not activated
  • [UI] - Addressed an issue where the "last seen" view for mods did not save when revisiting the page
  • [UI] - Changed Logray's Relic Image to not overlap with it’s Relic Level
  • [UI] - Added more logging for the bug that causes buttons to disappear during battle.
  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue where ships could become invisible when setting up fleet defense in a Territory War
  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue that caused the Character Icon tile in Territory Battles to show inconsistent information in screens
  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue that caused an infinite loading screen for some players when accessing the top-left ship zone on the Territory War map to set defenses
  • [RAID] - Fixed an issue that encounter progression screens only show first encounter Enemy icons
  • [UNIT] - Stopped Darth Revan's Lightsaber from remaining on during intro cinematics
  • [UNIT] - Fixed an issue that caused Geonosian Spy to be displayed as unlocked when acquiring the unit using the find flow
  • [OTHER] - Fixed and issue where the Enter key on a Chromebook to would not confirm dialog box options or send/commit entered text
  • [OTHER] - Fixed an issue on the Chromebook where the edit pen didn’t respond on the “Edit tab” pop-up at the “Squad management” pages

As we’ve indicated before, fixing the “disappearing button” combat issue has been difficult. This update will introduce additional logging in this release to help us better identify the root issue which should help us to resolve it in a future update. In the interim, we’ve introduced a short term bandaid, a “kickstart” if you will, to the battle system. If your buttons disappear in battle, we’ve introduced code to restart the battle system and refresh the buttons after 10-20 seconds (that’s at 1x speed). If you experience this bug and the game does not resume after this time period, please post on AnswersHQ, with as many details as possible. This will help us diagnose the exact issue, along with the new logging. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

REMINDER: Developer Q&amp;A Tomorrow @ 12:30pm Pacific

Posted on 1 October 2019 | 10:34 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Just a quick reminder that we will doing a live Q&A tomorrow. You can submit us questions beforehand or respond to the thread during the Q&A and we will get through as many questions as we can. Click the link below to submit your question and include your forum name if you wish to be credited.

Click here to submit your questions >> SurveyMonkey

The Galaxy of Heroes Developer Tracker

Posted on 30 September 2019 | 9:43 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

In the State of the Galaxy today we talked about launching a Dev Tracker for Galaxy of Heroes. Ultimately, we believe we need a better way to more regularly communicate the status of issues. Long known issues posts on the forums can be hard to digest and maintain. To solve this, we reviewed a ton of different solutions, including working with several teams inside of EA. We landed on a dedicated Dev Tracker Trello board. For those of you unfamiliar with Trello or a Dev Tracker:

  • Trello is a task tracking and organizing software
  • There are individual cards for each issue where you can get more info
  • Open to everyone

The Galaxy of Heroes Developer Tracker will contain the top issues and let players know a general status. It won’t be an exhaustive list of every single issue, but should capture the most common and biggest bugs for community. I will be updating the tracker approximately once a week after syncing with the team. (If you are curious why mine looks cooler than your it’s because of colorblind mode)

If your issue is not here, head over to Answers HQ. This is the best place to get your issue in front of us and reviewed.

How to reference the Dev Tracker:
  • First column provides a quick reference for status definitions and types of update
  • Second column is Update notes if you want to check which issues were addressed recently.
  • Several columns of bug categories
  • Recently Resolved - Issues from the last couple weeks that have been fixed.
  • Last column is links to major news like State of the Galaxy or Road Ahead, Dev Q&As, etc

You can gather the status of a bug at a glance but if you want to get into the nitty gritty you can dive into each card to get a better idea of when a fix might occur.


Status Definitions
  • Backlog - Aware of this issue, but not actively working on it.
  • Investigating - We are looking into this issue, gathering further information and determining the scope of work.
  • In Progress - We are working on it and the fix is in progress, but not yet complete.
  • Ready to Release - The fix is complete, and we will be deployed at the next possible opportunity. This depends on the type of release required
  • Released - Fix has been deployed and available to players.

Definitions of Update Types
Certain fixes require a particular release and this can help you roughly determine when this fix may happen. Server fixes are the quickest as they usually happen weekly but unfortunately not all things can be fixed by only changing server data.

Sometimes the change requires us to change content that is on your device like adding a character model or art for a new pack. This means we have to change data that is on your phone and will require a Content update.

Finally, Client Updates are the biggest kind of release but they allow us to change and fix the most kinds of game data. This is typically a big title update like Mods 2.0 or Relics which modifies a large amount of client, and server data. These also usually need approval from platform as they require you to download a new version from your app store.

Server - (Approx Once Per Week)
This change requires a Server Update
  • No need to download an updated client from app store
  • Potentially requires reboot of game client

Content - (Approx Once Every Three Weeks)
This change requires a Content Update
  • No need to download an updated client from app store
  • Download new data to your local device
  • Potentially requires a reboot of the game client and an update to local gamedata

Client - (Approx Once Per Quarter)
This change requires a Client Update
  • Need to download an updated client from app store
  • Download new data to your local device
  • Typical release occurs with a rolling optional release over approximately 24 hours followed by a forced release

The column on the left has all this info in case you forget.

Link to Dev Tracker

I’d love to hear your feedback on what’s useful or could be changed. Head over to the megathread and leave your thoughts: