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Event Calendar - April

Posted on 25 March 2020 | 6:29 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for April.

Daily Login Character for April: IG-88

NOTE: Many legendary/journey events were changed from a monthly cadence to run all the time and will no longer be included in the monthly calendar.
Read this post for more information.


General Health and Safety Update

Posted on 20 March 2020 | 5:25 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. These are exceptional times where most of us are experiencing some disruption in our lives and are potentially spending more time in our homes. Our studio has taken the precaution of moving the team to working from home but we do not expect this to significantly impact our release schedules.

The team will continue our same focus on Galaxy of Heroes (albeit now remotely) and coordinate releases as usual. We know many of you have some additional time on your hands and we are looking into doing something fun to help fill your time at home.

For your own health and safety, we encourage you to review the WHO's advice for the public.

Stay healthy out there,
-Capital Games

iOS 12.0 Issue With Upcoming Title Update

Posted on 19 March 2020 | 6:16 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

The upcoming Galactic Legends Title Update will cause players who are currently using iOS 12.0 devices to be unable to log in. While this only impacts a very small number of players, we recommend that iOS 12 users upgrade to iOS 12.1 or above to resolve this login issue. This will not impact other iOS versions. We will be messaging affected players in game to remind them to upgrade as soon as possible.

See you on the holotables!

Developer Insights: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

Posted on 18 March 2020 | 11:40 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are exploring some of the most unique aspects of Galactic Legends Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and particular interactions that may trip you up when reading through the kit.

[Developer Insight - Kit Reveal]

The Basics:
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is one of the first two Galactic Legends to be released along with Rey.
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is primarily focused on dealing damage and increasing his strength over the course of an encounter, but he doesn’t care about keeping his squadmates alive throughout the battle.
  • His stats grow over time through a new effect called Siphon and can be very strong in longer encounters.
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren’s Galactic Ascension event, Heir to the Dark Side, takes you through Kylo’s story in The Rise of Skywalker up to the battle atop the wreckage of the Death Star. At this point in the story (and the part of Kylo’s journey that this unit represents), Kylo is still held by the Dark Side and is consumed by his goal of crowning himself the ruler of the galaxy.

Unique Attributes:
  • Ultimate Ability: Depths of Rage - Supreme Leader Kylo Ren has multiple thresholds at which you can activate his Ultimate ability and provide 1, 2 or 3 turns of his Aggressive stance. While in this stance, Kylo is immune to damage and detrimental effects, he can't be defeated, his Siphon is doubled, and his abilities have no cooldowns. You’ll want to wait for the Ultimate to fully charge if you think your squad can weather the enemies’ attacks for a few more turns.
  • New Mechanic - Siphon Mastery - Siphon Mastery represents Kylo learning your techniques and fighting style over the course of the battle. The Siphon icon doesn't do anything on its own but it represents the percentage of stats stolen when used in conjunction with other abilities.
    • An ability that uses Siphon will specify which stat it will steal from an enemy unit. In the case of Kylo’s Special 2, Furious Onslaught, Kylo steals Mastery based on how many stacks of Siphon he has.
    • You will want to use Kylo’s Basic and Special 1 to gain stacks of Siphon and then use Special 2 to steal Mastery based on the number of those Siphon stacks.
    • To ensure that Kylo can Siphon Mastery even from units that don’t have Mastery, the amount of Mastery Kylo gains is based on his Mastery and Siphon stacks, and then the target loses the same amount that Kylo gained.
    • Note: Most characters have a base Mastery of 0 regardless of if they have their Relic unlocked. Mastery can go negative, and when it does, the stats that it affects for that particular character will be decreased rather than increased.
  • Galactic Legend Unique - This is a special Unique for both Galactic Legends that reduces damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects, causes them to take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses), and makes them immune to stun effects.
  • Galactic Legends will have high base stats when maxed out, including Speed

  • Despite not having many new Force moves in Episode IX, Kylo goes through considerable character development while retaining his signature aggressiveness.
  • We wanted to capture his straightforward nature in this kit along with his imposing presence and confidence.

Strategy Tips:
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren can lead a wide variety of Dark Side teams as none of his abilities directly reference the First Order.
  • You’ll want characters that can synergize well with the extra Critical Damage and Advantage his kit provides but also units that can keep Kylo alive while he powers up.
  • One of the most decisive moments in a battle will be when you decide to use Kylo’s Ultimate. You really want to hold out as long as possible before using it - the later thresholds cause his aggressive stance to last longer, but each additional threshold requires less charge to reach than the previous one. This makes it far more efficient to use Depths of Rage at full charge (100 charge spent for 3 turns), but the ability can still be used earlier if desired (60 charge spent for 1 turn).

Special Interactions:
  • Pay particularly close attention to his Unique 1, Press the Advantage, which encourages you to stay away from spamming Turn Meter effects on your team. However, you should use it sparingly as your squad can build up Max Health and Protection over the course of the battle.
  • Press the Advantage also allows Kylo to be immune to Taunt effects. This does not mean he ignores Taunt on the enemy squad; rather, he is immune to gaining Taunt, Marked and Deathmark status effects.
  • Siphon Mastery is useful against units without Mastery as Mastery can go negative, so even units without Relics are vulnerable to losing stats.
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren’s Leader ability, Supreme Leader, will allow Dark Side allies to regain Advantage whenever Advantage is removed without scoring a Critical Hit. Examples:
    • The buff is dispelled by another ability.
    • The buff expires when it reaches its max duration without being used.
    • The buff is consumed without scoring a Critical Hit (i.e. General Hux).
    • Note: Advantage is not removed when damaging units that have Critical Hit Immunity.

Squad Suggestions:
  • There are many solid Dark Side squads for Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, but the most obvious synergy is with First Order units that can specifically interact with Advantage and Critical Hits.
  • General Hux, Sith Trooper, Kylo Ren (Unmasked) and First Order Stormtrooper make a fairly survivable team that can help Supreme Leader Kylo Ren achieve a strong start to finish the battle.
  • While General Hux's Max Health and Max Protection will be reduced when he gains bonus Turn Meter from Kylo's Leader ability due to Kylo's Unique, Press the Advantage, it's still incredibly useful to bring Hux in order to give Supreme Leader Kylo Ren bonus turns.

Developer Insights: Rey

Posted on 18 March 2020 | 10:22 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are exploring some of the most unique aspects of Galactic Legends Rey and particular interactions that may trip you up when reading through the kit.

[Developer Insight - Kit Reveal]

The Basics:
  • Rey is one of the first two Galactic Legends to be released alongside Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
  • The character’s name is simply “Rey”. While during the movie there are other possible names we could have given her, throughout the trilogy she identifies mostly with the simpler name and we feel it is the most fitting for the character.
  • Rey can lead almost any light side squad but specifically synergizes with allies with Inspire (which can be applied by herself, Resistance Hero Poe and Resistance Hero Finn)
  • Her abilities target light side characters instead of a specific faction to create a better space for theory crafting
  • Rey’s kit is very flexible depending on the situation - she can sacrifice her health to provide her allies with a large amount of survivability or really dish out the damage if an ally is low on health.
  • While Supreme Leader Kylo Ren can ramp up to become very powerful over the course of a battle, Rey starts out strong and can use her Ultimate early or late in an encounter to great effect.

Unique Attributes:
  • Ultimate Ability: Heir to the Jedi - Rey’s Ultimate can be used very effectively in both offensive and defensive situations. If you compare it to Supreme Leader Kylo’s Ultimate, which has more “kill potential,” Rey’s Ultimate not only deals damage but also counters many other high damage abilities. Enemy squads will need to play around her Ultimate much more than Kylo’s. We really want to create an interesting decision around when to use Rey’s Ultimate as there are benefits to using it early but it can be used to swing the battle in your favor if saved for the right moment.
    • Ultimate Abilities should be unique to the character and something that feels really special to use so we wanted to stay away from making Ultimate Abilities just another version of Annihilate.
  • Mastery Manipulation - Galactic Legends will usually have an ability that affects the squad’s mastery level. Rey provides her allies Mastery over time and at the start of battle, which improves stats based on each unit’s role (See here for more info on which stats are affected)
  • Excluding her Ultimate, which needs to charge up over the course of the battle, her abilities do not have any cooldowns but they are conditional. For example:
    • Special 1 - Lifeblood - Rey uses her health to protect her squad but it can't use this ability if she is at or below 25% Health at the start of her turn
    • Special 2 - Sudden Whirlwind - This ability can deal an enormous amount of damage but cannot be used unless Rey or any Light Side ally has dropped below 60% health since it was last used (this includes Rey).
  • Galactic Legends will have high base stats when maxed out, including Speed
  • Galactic Legend Unique - This is a special Unique for both Galactic Legends that reduces damage from percent Health damage effects and massive damage effects, causes them to take massive damage from destroy effects (excludes raid bosses), and is immune to stun effects.

  • This Rey primarily represents her journey through Episode IX and still hasn’t fully decided on her path. This isn’t the Rey you see at the end of the movie so she’s not “Rey Skywalker” quite yet and we wanted to keep the emphasis for this character on just being Rey (hence why her in-game name is Rey.)
  • Most of her abilities are directly inspired by scenes from The Rise of Skywalker.
  • So, why no Force Lightning? This was heavily discussed by the team and we came to this conclusion: This kit represents the core of her identity and not something she did unintentionally. Rey did not mean to use Force Lightning and it’s really not in line with the rest of the character’s personality. Even in the movie, it's supposed to be a “shocking” moment when she loses control and then completely regrets her actions.
  • Force healing is something that hasn’t been explored in the movies until recently and Lifeblood was created based on two scenes: when our heroes are trapped with the Vexis snake and when Rey heals Kylo.

Strategy Tips:
  • Rey can lead numerous light side teams but the theme for her will be fairly consistent: Take damage to deal damage
  • Unlike Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, Rey very much cares about keeping her allies around for the whole battle. Her Special 2 needs an ally to take damage to be used and that can be triggered by Rey losing health but it's much easier to trigger if there are more squadmates.
  • In terms of Mods - Rey primarily cares about Offensive as the Ultimate and Basic scale with Offense but you need a solid pool of health to keep her alive and using abilities. We found the best option was a delicate balance of both Offense and Health mods to keep her alive but still dealing significant damage.

Special Interactions:
  • Rey’s Ultimate, Heir to the Jedi, deals damage in a unique way - The total damage dealt is fixed but it can be split among any number of targets which makes the ability not only a strong area effect attack but also great against a single target. Combined with the damage reduction her Ultimate ability also provides, it can be useful in most situations but still maintains an interesting choice: do you wait to hit one hit target really hard or should you prevent the most damage by using it while the enemy still has a full squad.
  • Rey increases her ally’s Mastery at the start and throughout a battle but characters without Relics will have 0 Mastery will NOT benefit from her Leader Ability, Wisdom of the Sacred Texts
  • Special 2 - Sudden Whirlwind - deals triple Massive damage which is Massive damage dealt once but three times the amount. Note Massive Damage does: 99,999 so this does 299,997

Squad Suggestions:
  • Rey performs well when paired with the new Resistance characters who are focused on Inspired but her broad kit leaves her many light side squad options
  • General Kenobi and Chewbacca - There was some confusion around why players should use General Kenobi and Chewie with Resistance Hero Finn. Inspired is removed on critical hit so Gen Ken’s Critical Hit Immunity is incredibly useful and don’t forget Chewie’s Guard also provides Crit Hit Immunity

Incorrect Pack Title and Description for Resistance Finn

Posted on 11 March 2020 | 2:44 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We were just made aware that the Resistance Hero Finn Injector Bundle mentions Power Cell Injector (Plasma) when it should say Power Cell Injector (Fusion). The contents of the bundle are correct and you will get the gear needed for Resistance Hero Finn but the title and description are wrong. We will be addressing this in an update tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.

Where did the Territory War go?

Posted on 10 March 2020 | 10:39 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

It appears that the Territory War, which was in the middle of setup, has disappeared from the game after today's Update. This was not intentional and we are investigating how to resolve this issue as soon as possible. I will update this post with more information as soon as we have more to share.


State of the Galaxy - March 2020

Posted on 10 March 2020 | 9:26 pm by CG_TopHat


Hi Holotable Heroes,

Welcome to another State of the Galaxy! Galactic Legends Rey and Kylo Ren are landing later this month so we want to share some final insights into the development of these characters and their events.

Galactic Legends are a new type of character and we start them off with the culmination of the new trilogy - the Force dyad of Rey and Kylo Ren. Many of our strongest characters are released in quick events as bursts of excitement, however we also want to diversify our event experiences. By slowly revealing the requirements and leaving the events open (once you’ve met the requirements), these events serve as a long-term goal for veteran players to work towards.

As we’ve mentioned, Galactic Legends unlock at 7 stars, but unlike many other events, you don’t need to reach the final tier of the event to achieve this. You’ll receive enough character shards to activate each
Galactic Legends partway through their event, however you still need to complete their entire event to unlock their full power - their ultimate ability. The Ultimate Abilities will require a new Ultimate Ability Material to unlock that is rewarded from completing the final tiers of the event. You will have enough material to unlock their Ultimate Ability once you have earned all available materials from the later tiers of the event. The materials needed to unlock ultimate abilities will only be available in Galactic Legend events.

Once you qualify for each of their events, you will be able to earn event tickets through existing gameplay and can be used to attempt a tier of the Galactic Legends event that you have unlocked. These event tickets come in 2 varieties, light and dark side, and you’ll need the appropriate type to participate in that side’s Galactic Legend event. (NOTE: these tickets do have a maximum cap) Each tier of the event will give rewards for a certain number of completions until that tier’s rewards has been exhausted. Once all tier rewards are exhausted, you will no longer need tickets to access the event and will no longer earn them.

These characters have powerful abilities but one of the most exciting features is their visuals. Our art team has been hard at work creating more detailed character models, epic animations, and iconic moments during their events, and we want to give you a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes development.
This storyboard shows the duel that demonstrates the dynamic nature of the Force dyad between Kylo and Rey. The art team has been working to capture that moment using our in-game engine.

From the animations to the environments, we want these characters to feel special even at a glance. Here’s the latest peek at our Galactic Legends Rey.

Thanks for reading our final State of the Galaxy before the release of Galactic Legends. We are very excited to see what happens when you get your hands on these characters! Looking forward to April, we have an exciting State of the Galaxy covering the next era for Galaxy of Heroes and something you all have been asking for! See you on the Holotables!


Veteran Han And Chewie Join The Resistance

Posted on 27 February 2020 | 11:05 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

The third group of Galactic Legends requirements is joined the Journey Guide later today. This batch (spoiler alert) includes Veteran Smuggler Han Solo as a requirement for Galactic Legend Kylo Ren to highlight the importance of Kylo’s relationship with his father during his journey.

Although we have a lot of focus on the Galactic Legends we wanted to use this opportunity to do a touch up on Veteran Smuggler Han (as well as Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca since we’re sure Chewie would be after our arms if we separated him from Han). The Veterans can now better fit into a Resistance squad and assist in their fight.

The changes to their kits are listed below and will be live in a future update. See you on the Holotables!

Veteran Smuggler Han Solo

Tags: Light Side, Attacker, Smuggler, Scoundrel, Resistance

Special - Can I Try That?
Final Text: Deal Physical damage to all enemies. Stun the primary target for 1 turn with 80% chance to inflict and inflict Ability Block on all enemies for 1 turn.

Unique - Partner in Crime Resistance Rapport
Final Text: Han has +25% Critical Chance and +50% Health Steal. When Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca or a Resistance ally in the leader slot takes damage, Han gains 20% Critical Damage (stacking) until he scores a Critical Hit. When Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca or a Resistance ally in the leader slot is defeated, Han gains 100% Turn Meter, his cooldowns are reset, and he takes an additional turn after his next turn (max 1 bonus turn).

NOTE: None of Veteran Smuggler Han Solo's other abilities have been altered.

Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca

Tags: Light Side, Attacker, Smuggler, Scoundrel, Resistance

Basic - Explosive Bolts

Final Text: Deal Physical damage to target enemy with 80% chance to inflict and inflict Daze for 2 turns.

Unique - Partner in Crime Resistance Rapport

Final Text: Chewbacca has +25% Critical Chance and +50% Health Steal. When Veteran Smuggler Han Solo or a Resistance ally in the leader slot takes damage, Chewbacca gains 20% Critical Damage (stacking) until he scores a Critical Hit. When Veteran Smuggler Han Solo or a Resistance ally in the leader slot is defeated, Chewbacca gains 100% Turn Meter, his cooldowns are reset, and he takes an additional turn after his next turn (max 1 bonus turn).
NOTE: None of Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca's other abilities have been altered.

Developer Insights: Finalizer

Posted on 27 February 2020 | 6:43 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are breaking down the new First Order capital ship, the Finalizer! You can find the kit reveal in the Arena and Character Strategy section of the forums or read on below to find out more.


The Basics:
  • The Finalizer is a new First Order capital ship commanded by General Hux.
  • Finalizer directly synergizes with First Order fleets and grants offense bonuses.
  • Alongside Raddus, Finalizer is useful as a secondary fleet in Territory Wars and Grand Arena.
  • Finalizer is almost the complete opposite of Raddus in terms of abilities, every Finalizer ability is some form of attack while Raddus is almost entirely defensive.

Unique Attributes:
  • New Debuff - Hunted - Deal 75% less damage with out of turn attacks and can't gain bonus Turn Meter. Hunted also has a specific interaction with the Finalizer’s Unique ability, Two Steps Ahead, that provides a critical damage bonus when a First Order ally defeats a Hunted enemy.
  • The new Hunted debuff is applied via the Ultimate ability, and it’s important to note that the Ultimate starts off cooldown.
  • The Finalizer gains a boost of speed from the unique, Two Steps Ahead, for each First Order in the starting line up but this does not include First Order ships in reserve.

  • This ship does not appear much outside of Ep VII: The Force Awakens so we primarily drew from this movie, particularly the escape scene with Poe and Finn.
  • We also pulled inspiration from a few new places. Some of the designers had visited the Rise of the Resistance ride at Galaxy’s Edge which explores the Finalizer in more depth than we get to see in the film and gave us a close up look at the inner workings of the ship.
  • Finalizer, along with the rest of the First Order, is mainly focused on hunting down the Resistance so we wanted this to play a significant role in the kit.

Strategy Tips:
  • One habit that’s going to be hard to break is remembering to use the Ultimate ability first! We almost turned off all the Finalizer’s other abilities so you couldn’t forget but decided that was too drastic.
  • Defeat Hunted ships with the TIE Silencer or at least a FO ship - Silencer is the most effective choice to finish off enemy ships as it already has scaling offense built into its kit and can generate Advantage. TIE Silencer will likely be your top damage dealer in this fleet plus it provides some utility with a fairly regular stun on basic.
  • You will also want to funnel as much Turn Meter as possible from Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle into TIE Silencer. Again, you want to give the Silencer many chances to defeat Hunted enemies and turn into a damage dealing machine.
  • Lastly, don’t forget your fleet will receive Reinforcement buffs at the start of a battle through the Unique, Two Steps Ahead. Keep this in mind when building your fleet, as you may want to start with TIE Silencer out initially and not save it as a reinforcement.

Special Interactions:
  • The Unique, Two Steps Ahead, does not trigger debuffs from Reinforcement abilities such as FO Tie Fighter Pilots’ Target Lock for example

Fleet Suggestions:
  • You will likely want all First Order ships in the starting line-up in order to get bonus speed and reinforcement bonuses.
  • Though there is no dedicated tank in this faction’s fleet, First Order can usually over power the enemy fleet with its variety of stuns and overwhelming offense.
  • Once fully upgraded and you have all First Order ships in your starting lineup, the Finalizer will go before the enemy capital ships due to the speed boost in the Unique ability, Two Steps Ahead.
  • In testing, the Hound’s Tooth was actually better as a reinforcement in our experience. This enabled the Finalizer to start with additional speed and triggered more reinforcement abilities.

REMINDER: Developer Q&amp;A Today @ 12:30pm Pacific

Posted on 27 February 2020 | 6:22 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Our monthly Q&A is today at 12:30 PM Pacific! You can submit us questions beforehand or respond to the thread during the Q&A and we will get through as many questions as we can.

Event Calendar - March

Posted on 27 February 2020 | 12:02 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for March.

Daily Login Character for March: Luminara Unduli

NOTE: Many legendary/journey events were changed from a monthly cadence to run all the time and will no longer be included in the monthly calendar.
Read this post for more information.

3/10/2020 - Territory War dates in red have been updated


Grand Arena Season 5 - Smugglers

Posted on 26 February 2020 | 7:28 pm by CG_Miller

Hi Holotable Heroes,

A brand new theme is coming to the Grand Arena Championship starting on Monday, March 2nd, a celebration of all things Smugglers.

Smugglers have played an important part of the Star Wars saga all the way back to the cantina in A New Hope where Obi-Wan Kenobi enlisted the aid of Han Solo and Chewbacca to get to Alderaan, “No questions asked.” With that in mind here’s a few of the feats you can expect during the course of the Championship:

  • I’m Putting Together a Crew - Gain Prepared 50 times in Grand Arena
  • “Fast Enough for You, Old Man”, “We’re Home”, and “I Don’t Like It, I Don’t Agree with It, but I Accept It” - Three different feats involving using characters who were Pilots/Co-Pilots of the Millennium Falcon of that era (Rebellion, Resistance, and Solo)
  • Three of a Kind - Field all three Millennium Falcons in a Fleet Arena battle and win
  • I Never Thought I’d Be Smuggling Myself - Win a Grand Arena battle using four characters who hid in the smuggling compartment of the Millennium Falcon: Raid Han Solo, Legendary Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) and Old Ben Kenobi
  • Ain’t it a Beautiful Sight - Field four cargo ships in Fleet Arena (and win!)
  • Dawn’s Crimson Light - Win a Grand Arena battle using a squad containing Darth Maul and Qi’ra
  • Let the Wookiee Win - Win four Grand Arena battles using a squad containing at least one wookiee (Vandor Chewbacca, Legendary Chewbacca, Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca, or Zaalbar)
  • Pure Sabaac - Defeat 12 enemy units with Young Lando, Lando Calrissian, Young Han Solo, or raid Han Solo.

There are three unique portraits available to earn from these feats as well. Dawn’s Crimson Light will get you the Criminal Organization portrait (the Crimson Dawn necklace worn by Maul), Coruscant Underworld Police portrait Long Arm of the Law is earned via the Arrest Warrant feat (attempt to inflict Stun 200 times), and finally the feat I Never Thought I’d Be Smuggling Myself will earn you a portrait that has been requested for over a year: The Crate!

I hope you enjoy this season of Grand Arena Championships and see you on the holotables!

Submit Your Questions For The Upcoming Developer Q&amp;A - 02/27/2020

Posted on 21 February 2020 | 11:58 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We're collecting questions for the February Developer Q&A and will be answering your inquires live on 02/27/20 from 12:30-1:30pm PT (20:30-21:30 UTC) in the General Discussion Section of the Forums. You can find previous Q&As in the archive here

What: Developer Q&A with the SWGOH Dev Team
When: Thursday 02/27/20 at 12:30pm-1:30pm Pacific
Where: General Discussion Section of the Official Forums

  • CG_RagingSpaniard - Sr. Artist
  • CG_Tophat - Live Producer
  • CG_SvenGG - Sr. Game Designer
  • CG_Miller - Sr. Game Designer
  • CG_Vyeking - Creative Director
  • CG_Cyanides - Data Analyst/Lead Product Manager
  • CG_SBCrumb - Sr. Community Manager

You can submit questions beforehand or respond to the thread during the Q&A and we will get through as many questions as we can. Click the link below to submit your question and include your forum name if you wish to be credited! See you next week!

Click the link to submit your questions >> SurveyMonkey

Update on General Skywalker Kit Changes

Posted on 19 February 2020 | 10:34 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We are continuing to monitor General Skywalker and we have observed some changes to match ups but no significant impact on the balance of this character. At the moment, we have no plans to revert or change his kit further.

See you on the Holotables!

Lando's Falcon not taking bonus turns

Posted on 15 February 2020 | 1:21 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We are aware of the issue with Lando's Falcon not taking bonus turns if randomly called by Raddus' Holdo Manuever. We are currently investigating the cause and will let you know when we plan to deploy a fix.

State of the Galaxy - February 2020

Posted on 14 February 2020 | 10:01 pm by CG_TopHat

Hello Holotable Heroes,

Welcome to the State of the Galaxy for February - while this one is coming mid-month, the next installment should return us to a more regular schedule.

A couple things we’d like to cover in this month’s State of the Galaxy:

Galactic Legends Event Structure
We’ve got a few details we’d like to share about the new Galactic Legends Event Structure. We’ll bring these to you regularly as we continue to develop and refine the design. First off, this event will require a new kind of event ticket, which will be earned via existing game modes. These tickets will become earnable once a player has met the prerequisites and unlocked the event. We are still working out the specifics of where the tickets will be earned, but we expect players to be able to earn these tickets every day.

Regarding squad configuration, players will only be able to assign one Galactic Legend per squad. While there are design considerations for this restriction, we also want to signify the clash between light and dark that these Galactic Legends represent, and are imagining that Galactic Legends will usually be released in pairs to reinforce this.

Mythic Battles
As you might have noticed, Mythic battles have returned. Our goal is to have them run on a regular basis going forwards.

Galactic Legends Art
Our artists gave us this wireframe look at the progression of Rey’s 3D models in our game, from her first appearance as Scavenger Rey to a sneak peek at her new Galactic Legends version. We hope this gives you an idea of how hard our artists have been working to make these Galactic Legends special!


That’s all for this month’s State of the Galaxy; we’ll be back with the next State of the Galaxy in the coming weeks. See you on the Holotables!


General Skywalker Countering Before Entering Cover

Posted on 13 February 2020 | 1:27 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi folks,

We are investigating the change that caused General Skywalker to counter before he kneels and going into Cover. This appears to be tied to the bug fix that we released today that prevents freezes during the Sith Raid when he attacks out of turn. We will have an update for you tomorrow on this issue.


Developer Insights: The Raddus

Posted on 12 February 2020 | 10:49 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are breaking down the new Resistance Capital Ship, the Raddus! You can find the kit reveal in the Arena and Character Strategy section of the forums. Read on below to find out how this new ship handles on the holotables.


The Basics:

  • The Raddus is a new Resistance capital ship with Fleet Commander Amilyn Holdo in command.
  • This capital ship is almost entirely in the supporting role as its abilities are focused on bolstering Resistance faction ships with Foresight and protection via the Deflector Shield ability.
  • While the Raddus doesn’t deal any direct damage, it increases the survivability and offensive potential of Resistance ships considerably.

Unique Attributes:
  • The Raddus has a very unique Ultimate ability that allows it to sacrifice itself to destroy the enemy capital ship!
  • Destroying a capital ship (including your own) prevents most capital ship-related abilities such as Reinforcements but Unique ability effects will persist until the end of the battle.
  • It is a powerful support capital ship and has no direct damage attacks but the Raddus can call ships to assist and has the self-destructive Ultimate, The Holdo Maneuver.
  • The Raddus can provide a new status effect, Deflector Shield, which grants Foresight and recovers protection at the start of the unit’s turn.
  • The Ultimate ability has a very long cooldown of 10 turns but can be reduced when Resistance allies with Foresight use a special ability.

  • As we lead up to Galactic Legends, we wanted to include some of the important ships from the most recent trilogy. The Raddus played a pivotal role for the Resistance in the final moments of The Last Jedi.
  • We definitely could not put this ship in the game without the Holdo Maneuver and it needed to have an animation fitting for such a visually impressive attack.
  • We also wanted to improve Resistance ships in the game by giving them some additional utility in Grand Arena and Territory Wars.

Strategy Tips:
  • You’ll want to focus on reducing the very long cooldown of the Ultimate. Luckily, the Raddus can grant Foresight or Deflector Shields with almost every ability and then it's just a matter of using as many special abilities with Resistance ships as often as you can.
  • Rey’s Millennium Falcon is a key part of damage output in this fleet. You’ll want to wait until you get as many buffs on Rey’s Falcon before you use Special 1 to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Deflector Shields are also a great way to keep your ships alive while stacking buffs on the Falcon and reducing the Raddus’ Ultimate cooldown.

Special Interactions:
  • After an enemy Capital Ship and the Raddus have been destroyed via the Holdo Maneuver, both fleets’ Unique abilities will continue to persist for the rest of the battle. However, in future Grand Arena battles, if the Capital Ship has been defeated, the fleet will not get bonuses from the destroyed Capital Ships.
  • This will also prevent Reinforcement Bonuses and fleets will be unable to reinforce their existing ships.
  • Deflector Shield can’t be copied but can be dispelled and prevented.
  • The Holdo Maneuver does not count as losing or destroying a ship in Grand Arena, meaning you will not earn or lose additional banners and you can still get credit for a full squad win

Fleet Suggestions:
  • The first three ships are fairly obvious, the Resistance ships (Rey’s Millennium Falcon, Poe’s X-wing and Resistance X-wing) due to their direct synergy with the Raddus
  • Resistance fleets lack dedicated tank so the Hound’s Tooth is a great addition to help keep your more fragile attackers alive.
  • Ebon Hawk is a great reinforcement ship in many fleets due to the mass dispel when entering the battle.
  • Lando’s Millenium Falcon is very strong as a finisher as its reinforcement ability allows it to take a bonus turn for each Reinforcement previously called in by the allied Capital Ship during this encounter.

Incoming Ki-Adi-Mundi Changes

Posted on 12 February 2020 | 7:41 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes!

With this update we have made a change to how we are dealing with “Adaptive Form”, the lightsaber form switching ability that Ki-Adi-Mundi has in his kit. As we mentioned here, under certain conditions, it was possible to get him to reduce the cooldown on the ability so that he would be able to switch forms infinitely, using the granted bonus turn to change forms again. These types of interactions are ones we try to avoid on all characters.

As of this update, Ki-Adi-Mundi’s Special Ability “Adaptive Form” is immune to all forms of Cooldown manipulation. This means that it can’t be reduced nor can it be increased, and will always be a 2 turn cooldown. This change carries the additional benefit of it not being able to have its cooldown increased as well.

Advanced Fleet Mastery - Admiral's Maneuver

Posted on 12 February 2020 | 7:16 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes!

An update to our Fleet Mastery event is launching this week, Admiral's Maneuver - Advanced Fleet Mastery to unlock the new resistance Capital Ship, The Raddus. Advanced Fleet Mastery will require specific units from a variety of different eras of the Star Wars timeline to complete the event and the enemies you will face will also be mixed and matched from different eras.

Both upcoming Capital Ships, Raddus and Finalizer, will be earned through this type of event. You will first complete 4 tiers (4*,5*,6*,7* ships and any 4*,5*,6*,7* Capital Ship are required respectively) and unlock the featured Capital Ship at 4-Stars. Once those tiers are completed, you will unlock a repeatable event that rewards 10 Blueprints for each successful completion to finish upgrading your Capital Ship. Advanced Fleet Mastery will run 1-2 times per month, though this frequency may be adjusted as we release more units through this type of event.

Raddus Required Units:

  • Rey's Millennium Falcon
  • Resistance X-wing
  • Poe Dameron's X-wing
  • Hound's Tooth
  • Ebon Hawk
  • Ahsoka Tano's Jedi Starfighter
  • Lando's Millennium Falcon

See you on the Holotables!

Galactic Legends - Mastery

Posted on 11 February 2020 | 7:00 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Our introduction to Galactic Legends described their ability to manipulate the Mastery stat. Mastery was introduced with Relics but we would like to dive into a little more detail about what this means for these characters.

Mastery has a base value of 0 for most units. Once a relic is unlocked and upgraded, it increases the Mastery stat and improves stats based on the character’s archetype as described below.


Mastery can also be manipulated negatively in which case it negatively impacts the character’s associated stats if possible. For example, although health is on this list and can be negatively manipulated through Mastery, this manipulation can’t directly defeat a character by reducing their health below 1.

That’s all we have for now but we are very excited to keep introducing you to Galactic Legends. Stay tuned for more and see you on the Holotables!

UPDATE: Making Good on the Recent Outage

Posted on 5 February 2020 | 7:18 pm by CG_SBCrumb


Hi Holotable Heroes,

We've identified the players affected and will begin providing them with a Make Good for the outage issue from 01/24/2020.

The compensation will include the following: 1500 crystals, 1500 GET 1, 1500 GET 2, 5 zeta materials.

Thank you for your patience.

Original Message:

We’ve been monitoring the recent release (1/26) and it appears that all players that were previously unable to load the game can now re-enter. We’re in the process of identifying those accounts specifically and determining next steps of a make good for those players. This process requires some research and analysis on our part, so please bear with us as we complete our due diligence. Thank you everyone for your patience as we worked through the issue.

Return of Mythic Events

Posted on 4 February 2020 | 9:32 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are excited to announce the Artist of War Mythic Event will be returning to Galaxy of Heroes this weekend, running from 02/08/20 to 02/09/20.

Expect more Mythic Events to arrive in the future!

See you on the Holotables!

Republic Offensive Territory Battle Bug Update

Posted on 4 February 2020 | 1:11 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hello Holotable Heroes,

Several bugs are being added to the bug tracker as they impact the balance of our Territory Battle events.

  • There is a bug with Chimaera in the Republic Offensive LSTB that is causing it to not gain any of its intended stats above the base-level, resulting in an under-powered unit.
  • In the Reek mission in the Republic Offensive LSTB, there is a bug involving Jango Fett that results in enemies taking damage from Jango Fett’s Burning, despite Burning not having been applied.
  • The Vulture Droid in the Republic Offensive LSTB has a bug that will cause it to summon another Vulture Droid on death, even if the allied Capital Ship isn't from the Separatist faction.
  • Vulture Droid's Unique ability text does not correctly reflect the in-game functionality of the unit's assist cap.

We are currently planning to remove the Chimaera missions from the Geonosis Light Side Territory Battle until we have resolved the issue with the Chimaera’s stats. The Chimaera is not registering any of the stat increases it is intended to receive above the base level, causing it to operate in an under-powered state. Additionally, players will only be able to face the Executrix in regular fleet missions in the next run of the Republic Offensive LSTB. We plan to fix the bug and rebalance the missions so we can add them back into the event in a later update.

The bug related to Jango Fett results in enemies taking damage from Jango Fett’s Burning, despite Burning not having been applied. We're making the community aware of this issue, given it affects balance, and are currently taking a closer look for an appropriate fix. Once the issue is resolved and a fix is ready to be implemented, we'll modify Jango to function as intended in a future update.

Vulture Droid has a bug that is causing it to summon another Vulture Droid on death even if the allied Capital Ship isn't from the Separatist faction. Currently, the ability states the Vulture Droid will summon a copy if the allied Capital Ship is Separatist, but this effect is happening regardless of the allied Capital ship's faction. We have changed the text of the ability, removing the Separatist faction requirement on the allied Capital ship, meaning the Vulture Droid will continue to summon a copy under a non-Separatist Capital Ship.

Additionally, the Vulture Droid's Unique ability text has been changed to match in-battle behavior with regards to its assist feature. The previous text did not state there is a cap on the number of assists that can be called, but there is a limit of one on this effect.

See you on the Holotables!

Upcoming Changes to Feat Description

Posted on 3 February 2020 | 10:47 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

As we experience the Grand Arena Championships on a regular schedule now, with a variety of changing feats, we recognize that there is some confusion about why some units are not being credited with a defeat in a few edge-case scenarios.

Here are the situations where the character-in-question will not get credited with a defeat:

  • The character-in-question assists, but the target was already defeated before that character is called to assist (we just keep the defeated unit there until all the assists play out). Note: if the character-in-question is the one to inflict the final damage, you will get feat credit.
  • The character-in-question puts a DOT or other damage-not-on-their-turn effect onto the target. If the target dies due to damage at the start of their turn, no feat credit is generated for the character who originally put them into that state.
  • The target defeats themself instead, due to how our system works. This includes Fives, Magnaguard, and most especially B1 Battle Droid. In these cases the character-in-question is not the one inflicting the final damage, but the target is.

See you on the Holotables!

Event Calendar - February

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 9:20 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for February.

Daily Login Character for February: Resistance Pilot

NOTE: Many legendary/journey events were changed from a monthly cadence to run all the time and will no longer be included in the monthly calendar.
Read this post for more information.


Galactic Legends - Event Format

Posted on 29 January 2020 | 1:41 am by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We’ve discussed what defines a Galactic Legend character, but we want to also highlight how the event itself will be structured.

At a high level these characters will require more effort than Hero’s Journey, Epic Confrontation or Legendary events, but players will have more time to invest in the required units. The requirements for a Galactic Legend will roll out in the months leading up to the event so you will know what’s needed for their events in advance. Unlike previous events, Galactic Legends are persistent and will become available as soon as the event is live as long as you’ve met the requirements.

Speaking of requirements, each character or ship needed to unlock Galactic Legends can have unique requirements regarding relic or gear levels. (Our first post on the required units is coming later this week!) We will have the requirements listed as quests on the Prerequisites tab in the Journey Guide.


We also want to take this opportunity to clarify how the Journey Guide presents event information. Our existing event requirements appear in the Activity tab of the Journey Guide because those restrictions are for entering the event itself. The Prerequisites tab shows quests, if present, that must be completed to gain access to the event in the first place. For Galactic Legends, unit requirements for the event will be in the Prerequisites tab. This allows us to give more clarity and granularity on the investment levels required as well as flexibility on the design of the event.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on Galactic Legends. As a reminder, these details are subject to change as these characters are still in development. See you on the Holotables!

New Tiers for Assault Battles

Posted on 28 January 2020 | 10:06 pm by CG_Miller

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Over the next couple updates we’re going to be adding brand new Challenge Tiers to the Assault Battles in the game. The first Assault Battles to receive these new tiers are Forest Moon and Places of Power. Each of these new tiers is tuned to be even more difficult than the Mythic Tier, and offer rewards appropriate for that difficulty.

The first tier, Challenge Tier I, recommends you to bring in characters that are Relic 3 or higher. Successful completion of the 8 waves of enemies will reward you with the following:

  • 5x Injector Cell Salvage
  • 5x Injector Handle Salvage
  • 5x Injector Head Salvage
  • 10x Mk 9 Kyrotech Battle Computer Prototype Salvage
  • 10x Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype Salvage
  • 2x Ability Material Zeta
Note: There are no “First Time” rewards for Challenge Tiers, you will receive the normal rewards every time you are able to complete it.

The second tier (Challenge Tier II, obviously) is truly a test for your characters, recommends the characters to be Relic 5 or even higher. If you make it past the 8 waves of enemies on this tier, you will be rewarded with the following:
  • 3x Flawed Signal Data
  • 3x Incomplete Signal Data
  • 5x Fragmented Signal Data
  • 3x Electrum Conductor
  • 5x Aurodium Heatsink
  • 10x Chromium Transistor
  • 10x Bronzium Wiring
  • 10x Carbonite Circuit Board

All of us hope you enjoy the new challenge, and even more so the rewards, of these new tiers of Assault Battles.

See you on the Holotables!

What are Galactic Legends?

Posted on 28 January 2020 | 7:30 pm by CG_SBCrumb

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We’ve announced that the first two Galactic Legends will be Kylo and Rey, but what exactly are Galactic Legends and how do they differ from Legendary, Hero’s Journey, or Epic Confrontation units?

Galactic Legends will be some of the most powerful characters in Galaxy of Heroes and will have several unique mechanics. We want these characters to plug and play into many different teams but also have a specific squad that they are particularly well suited for. For example, Galactic Legend Rey could lead a great Resistance squad due to several abilities that affect Resistance units but could also work well with just about any light side squad as she has abilities that also directly target all Light Side characters.

Part of this relates to how Galactic Legends manipulate the Mastery stat. Introduced with Relics last year, the Mastery stat provides different stat bonuses based on the character’s role and is a core part of how Galactic Legends will be interacting with their squad or their opponent’s. All characters with Relics have Mastery so no matter who you pair up with a Galactic Legend, they will get a boost to their stats. The ability to manipulate Mastery means Galactic Legends will be useful for a variety of teams but you can only have one Galactic Legend per team.

Another unique aspect of Galactic Legends is their Ultimate ability. Similar to a Capital ship, these abilities charge up over the course of battle and allow Galactic Legends to unleash their full power. Each Galactic Legend will have a Ultimate ability that’s visually striking and often strong enough to turn the tide of battle.

That’s the basics for Galactic Legends and we’ll have more to share this week. Thanks for reading and please keep in mind that these details are subject to change as these characters are still in development. See you on the Holotables!