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Run 2019-08-07 by Vesk

Second return of the event (after Sep reworks).

Successful run

Effort: ~20 min

Strategy: Get the first Extortion on a char that takes a lot of turns (Padme or Anakin), which means Extortion will spread fast. Most damage comes from Nute's first Special, doing 17% max Health damage to all extorted enemies. Dispel, stun, shock, spread buff immunity with your other toons as much as possible. Don't care about additional damage. Once Extortion is spread to the whole enemy team eating through their health pool, AV will clean up. Her TM gain (Rampage zeta) makes sure she takes lots of turns spamming her AOE.

Kill Order: Not that relevant, as most damage is AOE. But try to take out Padme as soon as possible to stop protection regain. Most likely you will end up with:

JKA - Padme - Fishdo - GK - Mace

Make sure you turn on Fishdo after Padme is done because Fishdo will revive any Jedi (i.e. anybody except Padme).

Unsuccessful runs

G12 zzAV, G10 zGG, G11 Dooku, G8 B2, G8 Magma Guard

AV Lead: failed (miserably)

Dooku Lead: failed (tenacity gain helpful, counters not so much)

GG Lead: failed (not enough damage)

Additional Reports

HeadShotWonder3 2019-08-11

Managed to snag 6* with g8 nute, g11 asaaj, g8 magna, g7 sun fac, and g6 poggle

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Aktivierung (Stufe 5)

Team Maddin

Versuche: ~20

Team Vesk

Versuche: ~30

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Successful autoplay runs (mythic tier)

By Will Macht, as of 2019-11-10

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Run by Vesk Stargazer.

Screenshots only. The run is to resource heavy for the android emulator to record it as video.


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AUTO Undersize RELIC Padme Teams with 2-3 Characters!

29.09.2019  DBofficial125

HPIT mit First Order / Erste Ordnung