AI Targeting Rules

List of rules defined for AI targeting.

This list contains all abilities (characters and ships) that have targeting rules for the AI associated with them.

Ability types: L = Leader, B = Basic, U = Unique, S = Special, RI = Reinforcement

Name Side Combat Type Ability Ability Type Ally Targeting Enemy Targeting
Ahsoka Tano's Jedi Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Reflexive Shot B target_lowest_enemy
Amilyn Holdo LIGHT CHARACTER Reprieve S target_lowest_debuffed_ally_exclude_self
Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Locked On B target_lowest_enemy
Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Impeding Assault S target_lowest_tank_enemy
ARC Trooper LIGHT CHARACTER Crossfire B target_lowest_not_buffed_enemy
ARC Trooper LIGHT CHARACTER Assign Command S target_lowest_enemy
Aurra Sing DARK CHARACTER Weakening Shot B target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
B-28 Extinction-class Bomber DARK SHIP Laser Barrage B target_lowest_enemy
B1 Battle Droid DARK CHARACTER B1 Barrage B target_random_targetlocked_enemy
B1 Battle Droid DARK CHARACTER Blast Them! S target_lowest_ally_separatist_no_healing_immunity_exclude_self
B2 Super Battle Droid DARK CHARACTER Heavy Arms B target_random_nontargetlocked_enemy
Bastila Shan LIGHT CHARACTER Rally S target_lowest_debuffed_ally_exclude_self
Bastila Shan LIGHT CHARACTER Subvert Defenses S target_lowest_buffed_enemy
Bastila Shan (Fallen) DARK CHARACTER Wild Lightning S target_random_shocked_enemy
Bastila Shan (Fallen) DARK CHARACTER Fear S target_highest_enemy
Biggs Darklighter's X-wing LIGHT SHIP Hit the Mark B target_lowest_enemy
Bistan's U-wing LIGHT SHIP Opening Move B target_lowest_enemy
Boba Fett DARK CHARACTER EE-3 Carbine B target_bounty_hunter_target
Boba Fett DARK CHARACTER Execute S target_bounty_hunter_target
Bodhi Rook LIGHT CHARACTER Spotter S target_random_ally_exclude_self_assist_rebels
Bossk DARK CHARACTER Prey On The Weak B target_bounty_hunter_target
Bossk DARK CHARACTER Hunting Party S target_bounty_hunter_target
BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Twin Laser Cannons B target_lowest_enemy
BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Torpedoes Away! S target_lowest_enemy
C-3PO LIGHT CHARACTER Oh My Goodness! S target_no_translation_ally
Canderous Ordo DARK CHARACTER Interminable Assault B target_taunt_enemy
Canderous Ordo DARK CHARACTER Overwhelming Firepower S target_taunt_enemy
Carth Onasi LIGHT CHARACTER Rapid Shot B target_random_dot_debuff_enemy
Cassian's U-wing LIGHT SHIP Trailblazer B target_lowest_enemy
Cassian's U-wing LIGHT SHIP Rebel Recon RI target_random_buffed_enemy
Clone Sergeant's ARC-170 LIGHT SHIP Wing Cannons B target_lowest_enemy
Count Dooku DARK CHARACTER Hindering Press B target_galactic_republic
Count Dooku DARK CHARACTER Force Lightning S target_galactic_republic
CT-7567 "Rex" LIGHT CHARACTER Aerial Advantage S target_highest_enemy
Darth Malak DARK CHARACTER Rend B target_lowest_enemy
Darth Malak DARK CHARACTER Torture S target_feared_lowest
Darth Malak DARK CHARACTER Drain Life S target_lowest_enemy
Darth Revan DARK CHARACTER Lacerate B target_leader_enemy
Darth Revan DARK CHARACTER Insanity S target_leader_enemy
Darth Sion DARK CHARACTER Break Will S target_pain_enemy
Darth Traya DARK CHARACTER Isolate S target_lowest_ally target_highest_enemy
Dengar DARK CHARACTER Target Spotted B target_bounty_hunter_target
Dengar DARK CHARACTER Blast & Smash S target_bounty_hunter_target
Devastator DARK SHIP XX-9 Turbolaser Battery B target_lowest_enemy
Ebon Hawk LIGHT SHIP Heavy Laser Turrets B target_lowest_enemy
Embo DARK CHARACTER Dismantling Shot B target_random_buffed_enemy
Emperor's Shuttle DARK SHIP Aggressive Offensive B target_lowest_targetlocked_enemy
Endurance LIGHT SHIP Strike True B target_lowest_enemy
Endurance LIGHT SHIP Fortune Favors the Bold S target_lowest_enemy
Enfys Nest LIGHT CHARACTER Sudden Impact S target_enemy_with_minimum_nonzero_protection
Executrix DARK SHIP Turbolaser Batteries B target_lowest_enemy
Ezra Bridger LIGHT CHARACTER Watch and Learn S target_wounded_tank_ally_exclude_self_assist
Finn LIGHT CHARACTER Crack Shot B target_basicability_finn_marker_enemy
Finn LIGHT CHARACTER Takedown S target_specialability_finn02_marker_enemy
First Order Officer DARK CHARACTER Marching Orders S target_lowest_debuffed_ally_exclude_self
First Order SF TIE Fighter DARK SHIP L-s9.6 Laser Cannons B target_lowest_enemy
First Order SF TIE Pilot DARK CHARACTER Oppressive Burst S target_random_ally_exclude_self_assist_firstorder
First Order TIE Fighter DARK SHIP Target Acquired B target_lowest_enemy
Gauntlet Starfighter DARK SHIP Gauntlet Assault B target_lowest_targetlocked_enemy
General Grievous DARK CHARACTER Furious Assault B target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
General Grievous DARK CHARACTER Skittering Horror S target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
General Grievous DARK CHARACTER Furious Assault B target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
General Grievous DARK CHARACTER Skittering Horror S target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
General Skywalker LIGHT CHARACTER Sundering Strike S target_daze_enemy
General Skywalker LIGHT CHARACTER Force Grip S target_armor_shredded_enemy
Geonosian Soldier DARK CHARACTER Aggressive Advance B target_lowest_enemy
Geonosian Soldier DARK CHARACTER Swarm S target_lowest_enemy
Geonosian Soldier's Starfighter DARK SHIP Front Line B target_lowest_enemy
Geonosian Spy DARK CHARACTER Feint B target_lowest_enemy
Geonosian Spy DARK CHARACTER Silent Strike S target_lowest_enemy
Geonosian Spy DARK CHARACTER Illicit Intel S target_lowest_enemy
Geonosian Spy's Starfighter DARK SHIP Undermine B target_lowest_buffed_enemy
Ghost LIGHT SHIP MS-2B Twin Laser Cannon B target_lowest_enemy
Grand Admiral Thrawn DARK CHARACTER Grand Admiral's Command S target_lowest_debuffed_ally_exclude_self
Greedo DARK CHARACTER Who Shot First? B target_bounty_hunter_target
Han's Millennium Falcon LIGHT SHIP Special Modifications B target_lowest_enemy
Hermit Yoda LIGHT CHARACTER Master's Training S target_random_ally_masterstraining_exclude_self
HK-47 DARK CHARACTER Havoc S target_feared_lowest
HK-47 DARK CHARACTER Assassination Protocol S target_feared_lowest
Home One LIGHT SHIP Mon Cal Cannons B target_lowest_enemy
Home One LIGHT SHIP Seize the Advantage S target_lowest_debuffed_ally
Home One LIGHT SHIP Defiant Volley S target_lowest_enemy
Hound's Tooth DARK SHIP Tooth and Nail B target_lowest_enemy
Hyena Bomber DARK SHIP Precision Blast B target_lowest_enemy
IG-88 DARK CHARACTER Mortal Wound B target_bounty_hunter_target
IG-100 MagnaGuard DARK CHARACTER Stunning Strike S target_lowest_buffed_enemy
IG-2000 DARK SHIP Exploit Identified B target_lowest_breached_enemy
IG-2000 DARK SHIP Inertial Dampeners Disabled S target_lowest_breached_enemy
Imperial TIE Fighter DARK SHIP L-s1 Laser Cannon B target_lowest_enemy
Imperial TIE Fighter DARK SHIP T-s8 Targeting Computer S target_lowest_enemy
Jango Fett DARK CHARACTER Unscrupulous Gunfire B target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
Jango Fett DARK CHARACTER Shrapnel Blast S target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
Jango Fett DARK CHARACTER Conflagration S target_random_debuffed_enemy
Jedi Consular's Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Republic Defender B target_lowest_enemy
Jedi Consular's Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Guarded Assault S target_lowest_enemy
Jedi Knight Revan LIGHT CHARACTER Ferocious Charge B target_marked_enemy
Jedi Knight Revan LIGHT CHARACTER Master Strategist S target_jedi_ally_exclude_self_above_75_turn_meter
Jedi Knight Revan LIGHT CHARACTER Direct Focus S target_traya_then_nihilus
Juhani LIGHT CHARACTER Raging Strike B target_lowest_enemy
Kanan Jarrus LIGHT CHARACTER Intervene S target_lowest_debuffed_ally_exclude_self
Ki-Adi-Mundi LIGHT CHARACTER Versatile Strike B target_lowest_enemy
Ki-Adi-Mundi LIGHT CHARACTER Decisive Thrust S target_lowest_enemy
Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle DARK SHIP Defensive Fire B target_lowest_enemy
L3-37 LIGHT CHARACTER Spark of Hope S im_prepared
Lando's Millennium Falcon LIGHT SHIP Double Down B target_lowest_enemy
Malevolence DARK SHIP Fire! B target_lowest_enemy
Malevolence DARK SHIP Charging Malevolence S target_random_debuffed_ally
Negotiator LIGHT SHIP Impeccable Timing B target_lowest_enemy
Negotiator LIGHT SHIP Mobilize S target_lowest_enemy
Nute Gunray DARK CHARACTER Hard Bargain B prefer_extortion
Nute Gunray DARK CHARACTER Dubious Dealings S prefer_stun_or_ability_block
Nute Gunray DARK CHARACTER Motivate S prefer_extortion
Padmé Amidala LIGHT CHARACTER Graceful Assault S target_not_darth_revan
Paploo LIGHT CHARACTER Galvanize S target_lowest_debuffed_ewok_exclude_self
Phantom II LIGHT SHIP Slip Away B target_lowest_enemy
Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Coordinated Assault B target_lowest_enemy
Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Wings of the Republic S target_highest_ally
Poe Dameron's X-wing LIGHT SHIP Cover All Angles B target_lowest_targetlocked_enemy
Poggle the Lesser DARK CHARACTER Martial Doom B target_lowest_enemy
Poggle the Lesser DARK CHARACTER Warlord's Resolve S target_lowest_enemy
Qi'ra LIGHT CHARACTER Joint Operation S target_random_scoundrel_ally_exclude_self_assist
Resistance X-wing LIGHT SHIP Hot Pursuit B target_lowest_enemy
Rey's Millennium Falcon LIGHT SHIP Quad Laser B target_lowest_enemy
Rey (Jedi Training) LIGHT CHARACTER Defiant Slash S target_lowest_debuffed_ally_exclude_self_resistance
Savage Opress DARK CHARACTER Overpower S target_enemey_overpower_savage
Scimitar DARK SHIP Dread Cannons B target_lowest_enemy
Shaak Ti LIGHT CHARACTER Assault Team S target_clone_ally
Shaak Ti LIGHT CHARACTER Training Exercises S target_random_ally_exclude_self_assist_can_heal
Sith Fighter DARK SHIP Stifle B target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
Slave I DARK SHIP Rotating Twin Blaster Cannons B target_lowest_enemy
Sun Fac DARK CHARACTER Browbeat B target_lowest_enemy
Sun Fac DARK CHARACTER Subjugate S target_lowest_enemy
Sun Fac DARK CHARACTER Spiteful Strike S target_lowest_debuffed_enemy
Sun Fac's Geonosian Starfighter DARK SHIP Air Superiority B target_lowest_enemy
T3-M4 LIGHT CHARACTER Repair Kit S target_lowest_debuffed_ally
TIE Reaper DARK SHIP Defensive Battery B target_lowest_enemy
TIE Silencer DARK SHIP Disruptive Advance B target_lowest_enemy
TIE Silencer DARK SHIP Overwhelming Advantage S target_lowest_enemy
Umbaran Starfighter LIGHT SHIP Plasma Weapons B target_lowest_buffed_enemy
Vandor Chewbacca LIGHT CHARACTER Freedom Fighter S target_lowest_ally_exclude_self
Vulture Droid DARK SHIP Unrelenting Attack B target_enemy_buzz_droid
Vulture Droid DARK SHIP Discord Missile S target_lowest_enemy
Vulture Droid DARK SHIP Unrelenting Assault B target_enemy_buzz_droid
Wedge Antilles's X-wing LIGHT SHIP KX9 Laser Cannons B target_lowest_enemy
Wicket LIGHT CHARACTER Guerrilla Strike S target_random_ally_ewok_exclude_self_assist
Xanadu Blood DARK SHIP Hull Breach B target_lowest_enemy
Young Han Solo LIGHT CHARACTER Just In Time S target_lowest_ally_exclude_self
Young Lando Calrissian LIGHT CHARACTER Dealer's Choice S target_highest_not_prepared_ally