Guild pages are public (as long as you know the guild link). Registration is not required for guild members or interested parties to get yourself informed.

Registered users who received additional permissions (leader or officer) are able to create, modify and delete guild-specific pages.

There is a global (unrelated to guild pages) forum section. Posts are public. It allows any registered user to ask or answer questions.

There are tools to analyse the roster and squad states of guild members. It makes use of great game data interfaces provided by the like of swgoh.gg or swgoh.help. It is WIP. Guild specific syncs require proper user/guild setup. Call admin for assistance.

Guilds registered: 64

Current Selection: Macht Wächter

Where is my guild page?
Guild pages are created as soon as one player registers on this website with an allycode belonging to that guild. This is done as background job so give the server a few minutes (10 should do) to catch up. There is no global search for existing guilds (intentional). Best bookmark it for later use if someone sent it to you. It should look like http://galaxy.ovh/g/macht-wachter.

Where is my player page?
If someone (you or any other person, it doesn't matter) registered your guild, player pages for all guild members are automatically available. All you need is your allycode to build the link. It should look like: http://galaxy.ovh/p/758735237. If you enter your allycode the system automatically switches to that player's guild as well.